Saturday, July 25, 2015

Maintaining The View

 As I sit here I look around this room and realize that I may just be outgrowing it.
There are more photos I want to hang and I may be running out of wall space.

 I suppose I could hang smaller ones, but the larger the better is my motto when it comes to wall art.

 There is a large room in the basement I could use, but I fear that it is too close to my husband's office and that if I were to listen to music or any type of videos that it would be at his expense, since quiet space is essential to his coding work.
 And besides.... I would most likely miss these views outside my office window, especially now that the crepe myrtle is in full bloom.
 The view out the room in the basement is ugly, as it looks out onto a slab of concrete, an area we have not yet done anything with, and it's possible that we may never do anything with it.
 Right next to it is an ugly propane tank.  ugh.
And we have not spent the money to find a way to hide it, since the propane company needs to be able to access it easily.
I don't want to hinder their work.
 And so I may need to just stay put where I am, snug as a bug in my tiny office, forgetting about what it is I want on my walls and simply enjoy the photos I have taken, from this chair, while staring at my computer screen where they all live.

 Life is short....
Always maintain a great view while you are here.


  1. There's always the ceiling ! LOL..Your Crepe Myrtle is lovely...I'd opt for small over most basements..

    1. We have a finished basement, so the room down there is nice, it's bright with the light that comes in the window, but it's always cold since my husband prefers it that way when he works down there. I'm just afraid that the noise I make would bother him while he works, and as I said... the view leaves something to be desired,

  2. Perhaps a digital photo frame? Get the biggest one you can afford, load it up, put it right next to your monitor? Lovely changing photos all of the time. :) Or, rotate out your art work, so it can change with your moods? Just a couple of thoughts. And lovely crepe myrtle. :)

  3. the parents & i were talking about crepe myrtles just yesterday - are they considered a tree or a bush? any clue? ( :
    happy weekend!!!

  4. Beautiful views Diane . . .
    No more wall space, maybe you'll have to "hang" them here on Pepper Medley!

  5. You never want to miss the chance to see a crepe myrtle. One of my favorite sights of summer.