Friday, July 24, 2015

Such A Lady

 I recall that my grandmother took her purse wherever she went, and when she arrived at her destination she would sit with her purse firmly planted in her lap.
She was such a prim and proper lady.
Her support hose may have been sagging a bit around the ankles,
but it didn't matter, as long as she had her purse on her lap all was right with the world.
 Our little Izzy, such a vision of femininity, is much the same way.

 Whenever she exits the house she is adamant about having her purse with her, at least that is how we refer to it, as her purse.
It may not hold a brush or blush, wallet, comb, or a tube of lipstick;
but she takes it with her, with it's long shoulder lip strap.
Rowdy appears a wee bit concerned about her strange purse habit, and sometimes attempts to take it from her,
well... we all know that some boys carry purses too.
I'm thinking of getting her a Chanel or maybe just a Michael Kors brand for Christmas this year.
Because every girl needs a really great designer purse.


  1. She is beautiful! Such a gorgeous coat, and markings!

  2. Izzy is listening and watching and saying, " a girls gotta do what a girl has to do!"
    (Not that SHE cares, she likes her "purse" style but instead of a Michael Kors, how about a Tory Burch?)