Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Porch Appearance

 When you have young to middle aged pets who are VERY active outdoors, you tend to leave a toy or two on the porch for them, because you KNOW they are going to want to play a game of toss the ball or tug the rope.
SO, our porch always has a pile of rope waiting for them.
It's ugly, I know...
and Ugly Bashful Betty thinks so too.
Maybe that's why she never smiles.
She is tired of sharing the porch with a soggy, dirty rope.
Deal with it, Betty.
Deal with it.


  1. There is often a toy lying in a room somewhere waiting to be played with...Kinda makes a home a home..That's what it's all about..

  2. Perhaps Bashful Betty (who I love!) should be draped with rope toys so she can see how much FUN they are!

  3. We have dog toys EVERYWHERE. Betty can shove it. ;)

  4. What we won't do for our "kids!"
    I like the front porch rope look!