Thursday, July 9, 2015

An Imagined Garden

 Don't you wish you had a flower garden?  The perfect flower garden that you could peek out any window of your house and gaze at?
Or perhaps you do.
This is the perfect garden of a friend of mine and jealousy creeps into my soul every time I spend time in her backyard.
She's a gardening genius in my mind.
What would you have in your flower garden?
Would it be filled with only specific colors,
or would it have flowers with completely random colors?
Pinks and whites?
Yellows and oranges?
Blues and lavenders?
 Would your playful decor items of choice be vintage items, angels, gnomes, frogs and other animals?
Perhaps a bench or two available to sit for a spell and breathe in the fragrances.
So many options.
Let's hear about your garden,
or your imagined garden should you ever have one.


  1. Very pretty . . .
    Love all the pink . . .

  2. very pretty! I have a tiny yard, but it's filled with things I love...and yes, that includes a fairy cottage, a couple of pretty ceramic 'mushrooms', a smiling, cute frog... ;) Lots of roses, some geraniums, hibiscus, and bouganvillea. I create the color wheel in my garden, going from orange to yellow-orange to yellow to pink to purple to lavender. :)

  3. I posted my garden recently..The problem with mine is that I can't see it unless I'm outside..Not a good thing..Oh well, I hope the neighbors enjoy it..