Saturday, July 11, 2015

Still No Kimono

*photo from Amazon*
Back in May, on May 11th to be exact, I ordered the above kimono as a fun piece of clothing to wear *here is the blog post*, and after ordering it I received an email confirming my order and stating that it would arrive by July 6th.  Yes JULY 6th.  It did not arrive, so I contacted the company and they stated that it is common for items ordered internationally to be lost.  A refund has been extended to our credit card and I am looking for another kimono that I like as much as I liked the lost kimono.

*photo from Etsy*
 I came across this one on Etsy which I am considering, but it is much shorter than the black floral one with much shorter sleeves as well.  In fact this one strikes me as being more cape-like.  But it's on the list of my considerations.
It is $10 higher priced than the black floral kimono.

*photo from Etsy*
 Although I LOVE this fabric, made by an Etsy seller in the Netherlands, I am not sure this is the style I am looking for, but the fabric??  OMG.. Love the brilliance of this kimono.  Check it out on Etsy by seller wildstar80!

*photo from Etsy*
THIS is the one on Etsy that I keep coming back too, and yet not sure I would want a fringed kimono, but the fabric totally screams BUY ME BUY ME.  AND, I have seen it elsewhere on the internet for a price of $68, when this one on Etsy is only $24.  What's up with the huge price difference... maybe someone is just greedy?  OR, they can get away with that higher price in the area they live in.  

And soooo, as you can see, so many choices, and my search continues for the perfect kimono for me.


*just a reminder to always give photo and informational credit where credit is due*


  1. Don't you love Etsy? OMG....I could spend HOURS hopping around in Etsy!

    1. Me too.... I have to rein myself in sometimes so I don't spend all day at it. LOL