Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Got A Clutch Thing Going On

 Adrienne of The Rich Life On A Budget has a post today about clutches.
It's her 'How I Wear My' series that she has each month, and although I had photos ready, I forgot to submit them.
Not to worry.... here are my photos as well as my giveaway of a clutch handbag.

 The Loft store had these on sale a while back, and I loved both this floral print clutch as well as the Au revoir clutch,
but since I don't travel but once a decade it would seem. I have decided to give the Au revoir clutch away on my blog.

So, how do I wear my clutch?
Being retired and living the retired life here in the countryside of Virginia affords me a VERY relaxed wardrobe I must say.

Toe to head, here's the scoop.
I wear .99 cent rubber flip flops on my feet,

 Stretch Ponte Pants by Inc. at Macys which are no longer available.
My wardrobe closet has a few of these slacks I must admit.
Why get all fancied up when for the most part I am at home, in front of my computer, or making quick trips into town for groceries and other errands.
Silk things don't work for my life as it is now.

 The denim vest from Christopher and Banks store was on my 'must have' list recently as I love denim, a touch of bling, and the color blue which seems to be sneaking back into my wardrobe this year.

Atop my wee head is my favorite leather, and somewhat Australian looking hat by Minnetonka with it's wide brim to keep the sun off my face and fair complexioned noggin.
My jewelry is a gold Michael Kors Runway watch along with a blingy bracelet that I purchased some time ago at The Loft store.
You can see a close-up of these two items in the very first photo of this post.
 If you care to participate in the giveaway of this Au revoir cotton clutch bag, please just leave a comment that states you want to participate.
you may also wish to follow along with my blog by email at the upper right hand column.


  1. That's a nice bag. Like you, though, I wouldn't have much use for it. I hope one of your other readers wins it! (And you take good selfies.)

  2. While I live a pretty casual lifestyle, I have a couple of occasions coming up where I would love the bag. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway! (

  3. That bag is really cute! I'd like to win it for my daughter, Annie since she's a lot more hip than me ;)

    By the way, I really felt for your husband working in that heat. I remember what that was like!

    Stay cool, my friend :)


  4. very cute! I'm not much into clutches myself, unless I'm in I'll not enter. thanks for the opportunity, though!

  5. Love the flowered clutch . . .
    Looks like the size I have been carrying for the past year.
    Best thing I have done for my shoulders. My physical therapist said YAY for your back shoulders, best thing
    we can do for ourselves!
    Sure . . . I am in!

  6. Good design for the handbag, it looks very natural. Usually, a mexican clutch bag are crafted from organic materials for the same purpose, and also have mayan patterns on it´s design.