Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Kingly Affair

 He's quite busy all of the time, and when not napping indoors he's happiest being outdoors, either in the yard or on the screened patio where he keeps an eye out on the world below him.

 Always one foot on the rail.... I am not sure what the significance is of this action, but he wants one foot on the rail.  For balance perhaps? 
 And the head swivels from side to side so to know exactly where every butterfly, bird , and mole is digging in which portion of the yard.
He's a watch dog for sure and the alpha of his realm.
So mighty.
So kingly.
So hilarious.

Do not touch the king... 
especially this time of the year....
 or you will end up with this!
Which is why the king and his queen each had a bath yesterday in the walk-in shower in the basement.
I think we washed a dog-and-a-half of hair down the drain.
And then they both went outside to dry in the sunshine.
and with all of our rainy, damp days,
it's been difficult to find decent outdoor drying time.
And today....
here comes the rain again!


  1. Have you tried using a Furminator on him? I have one for Hobbes and I usually leave half of a cat in the grass when I am done. They are pricey, but worth every penny!

    1. Yes... we use a Furminator on both pups.

  2. I've never heard of a furminator, but I'm ordering one TODAY. p.s. he wants to own the rail, and the yard below. That's why the foot on the ledge. Ownership. ;) (I've seen too many episodes of the Dog Whisperer. LOL)

  3. Love that law on the railing . . . Bet the King has everything all figured out!

  4. Oh, my. I know how you feel with the HAIR! And that your dog has repelled all intruders of evil intent. Good Dog!