Friday, July 17, 2015

Fun Things to DIY


Hi... once again it's me bringing you some things that I think are fun.
Hold on to your hats so as to not be blown away by all the 'fun-ness'.

How about some hand made/DIY cacti?  These are really cute, and my take would be to use real clay pots which are cheap from just about any store with an outdoor department.  A Beautiful Mess has the 'how to". 

Succulents seem to be all the rage this year, and I too am tempted to purchase a few and pot them indoors, you know, because clean, fresh oxygen in the house is a good thing.  This project takes tools, but if you are a handy gal or have a sweet honey to do this for you then it looks like a great project.  Hop on over the Shanty 2 Chic to check out what could be the newest home for your succulents. 

Speaking of succulents... OMG... are these planters ever cute!  Quick... everyone go buy some plastic dinosaurs and spray paint.  I totally love the quirkiness of these guys!  Little Bit Funky is right on!

Succulents?  Yep... and any color you want at that, to match your decor.
This looks easy peasy.

 Aren't these gorgeous!  Time to go buy mine today!!

Off to have some breakfast, and then perhaps have fun with succulents!

Why not find a project that suits you this week-end.




  1. I've always liked succulents. The wood piece with the glass pots is really nice. I'll take a peek at the others too. Hope your weather is a little nicer going in to the weekend.

  2. Your picture didn't come through but I have seen a lot of very pretty succulent arrangements this year...this weekend..Yuk

    1. There is only one photo and all other items are linked to words within the post itself.

  3. Great picture of you Miss Medley . . .