Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What We Waited For

 We thought spring was gone.
Disappointing that summer would be here so soon with too warm temps and that ugly humidity.

 But we were rescued since afternoon and evening rains fell two days in a row, and we should have at least two more days of rain.  Not constant rain, but wonderful showers.
The cooler temperatures in the 60's and low 70's feel are a relief.
This is what we have waited for.
 Oh, we know it's not forever, but the longer summer can be staved off, the better.
We have been enjoying home grown lettuce in our salads, along with radishes
and tossing in a few store bought veggies as well.
By August we will be over it and wanting soups and stews for dinner.

In the meantime....

 Bacon over salad for lunch, while he had a BLT.

 And for dinner, a wonderful meat taco over fresh lettuce!

Salad by day and rain by night.
Pinch me... I must be dreaming.



  1. Sounds perfect..Enjoying the cooler temps and bug free days...another plus is no swollen ankles..Yay

  2. Great pictures . . . yum for the salads!