Tuesday, June 2, 2015


We try to eat well... I mean healthy, but my husband likes to bake and I LOVE baked items.
He will sit and eat one cookie in the evening with a glass of iced milk, and ME??  Oh, I grab three or four cookies, usually sneak into another room so he won't watch me as I stuff them into my mouth.
You see, I used to be able to eat that way and not gain an ounce... but these days I just don't move as much or as fast and so the calories just sit.  They sort of all meld into this nice roll of blubber around my middle which I try to suck in or cover up with just the right clothing and stand at the perfect angle when taking photos so no one will notice.
Right... no one notices, right?

Anyway, a month or two ago he suggested that perhaps we should get an air popcorn popper and said that he thought it would be healthier if we eat popcorn in the evening while watching TV instead of sugary foods.
I think he got tired of watching me stuff my pie hole.
He does a lot of yard work, trimming trees, cutting down entire trees, weed-eating, digging holes to re-locate outdoor drains: you get the picture... he is active and I am not.

So now we make popcorn, and it's such a handy machine because it just sits on the counter-top and you don't have to mess with using any oils or cleaning the stove afterward and all that jazz.

Oh, and the pups love it too.
Hubby tosses them lots of popcorn and laughs at all the ones they catch, but even harder at the ones they miss.
Men... gotta love 'em.

We bought ours at Wal-Mart, but there are many other retailers that sell other brands.

*I am not affiliated with, nor am I being compensated by the maker of this popcorn machine, or Wal-Mart*


  1. My air popper is wearing out . . . I'll have to check out "pop o lite!"
    One problem . . . butter is great on my favorite snack . . .

  2. I love popcorn too, but I melt butter all over it, so I don't think it's as healthy as it should be LOL

    I loved that video :)