Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gloom Killer

I don't know about you and what you do on a gloomy, rainy day, but we believe in making lemonade if we feel, due to to the gloomy weather, that life has given us lemons.

In this instance, however, we were given rhubarb by a neighbor with a HUGE garden... and I mean HUGE.  They are always busy tending to it or harvesting from it and canning it's fruits and veggies.
We feel honored to have them share with us since our garden is dinky compared to theirs.

And so it was, that yesterday, we purchased two deep dish crusts (not the best crusts, but it was the easy method of making a pie) and I chopped up the rhubarb into one inch slices while my husband mixed the flower and sugar.

He also cut up some butter to dab over the top of the mixture once it was in the pie tin, and he used the second crust as the top of the pie.

We had to do a bit of patching since the crust didn't lay out as nicely as we had hoped, but hey.... it's not so much how it looks going into the oven.

 but how it looks coming out of the oven.

 It was delicious, although next time we may want to consider making our own crust.

 We shared a couple of slices with friends down the road and have been enjoying the rest with a dab of ice cream on top after dinner.


 I should stick to popcorn in the evening, but it's unheard of to turn down fresh rhubarb from a neighbor.
This totally killed the gloomy doom weather feeling.

Do you get the gloomies when the skies are gray and the rain won't stop?

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  1. No gloomies here..Just thankful for the rain and cool bug free days..