Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thoughts At Sunset

 There is a hummingbird hovering at the feeder just outside my window as I type this tonite;
I think he is the only one here this week, since there are no tiny birdy wars going on.
We had quite a few buzzing across our property the first summer we were here,
two last year, and now only one.
 I hope it's not a sign that these tiny creatures are somehow being harmed by human stupidity.
We have certainly had enough blossoms this year to attract them and the feeder is always filled with fresh, sweet liquid for their tiny beaks to sip away at.
 I worry about these things as the sun sets each evening and my fingers tap at the keys.
I chose this room for my office to be able to observe nature and it is why my desk is positioned at an angle in the room which allows me the view.
oooh, there he is again with his tiny wings fluttering faster than lightning.
Please stay a while tiny creature.

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