Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Send A Message

 What is your favorite kind of card to receive?
I received the above card way way way back.. in the late 70's, from a guy.... and I won't say who.
I obviously loved it or I would not have kept it tucked away in a cardboard memory box all these years.
I still remember the feeling I had at the moment when I opened the envelope and saw the card... I had never received a lovelier card,  I was young and naive and in love and oh.... how it spoke to me.

I also love receiving simple small notecards with just a reminder that someone is thinking of me, or tucked inside with a gift received in the mail.
I sure hope the postal service never goes away because they bring lovely surprises sometimes, when you least expect it.
 I have received so many cards over the years and have not been able to keep all of them,
from my husband, my daughter, grandchildren... and the above was received just a couple of years ago from my pups on Mother's Day.
Muddy paw prints since it was raining that day and so my husband dipped their paws into a puddle to sign it for me.
I love cards; I love all cards, whether they be humorous, serious, just plain gorgeous, or contain a sincere hand written memory for me to keep..

Are you a card giver? You should be, since it totally lifts a person's day.



  1. Love, Love, Love cards . . . giving and receiving . . .
    I KEEP them too!

  2. I make my own cards..Always have trouble with the message..I love doing the fronts..

  3. I love making, giving and getting cards.