Thursday, June 11, 2015

Forest Living

 These are some of the woods on our property. 
It's only a measly three acres, but most of it does not need maintaining, other than the occasional taking down of a dead or nuisance tree that has been damaged by storm or insects.

 This is why our home is hidden from the main road, and by main road I mean a blacktopped road that hasn't been re-done in probably decades, other than an occasional patch of a pothole or damage done by heavy snow and heavy gully washer rains.

 Other than the sounds of school buses during nine months of the year, the weekly garbage/recycle trucks, a propane delivery truck once a month and Fed-Ex trucks delivering to we rural folk who shop online, it really is pretty quiet in these here parts 'o the country.

This forest is why we have so many twittering birds and nest builders, deer who hide and peek out from time to time, scampering squirrels, shy snakes, possum, and other things we hear but have not seen as of yet.
It's an ideal place to live if peace and quiet, tempered with a bit of outdoor work are what you seek in your retirement years.

It's all good...
unless of course you hear banjos.
Then you should paddle faster!


  1. Not my choice of a place to live, I'm a concrete and carbon monoxide girl - but that last paragraph - totally cracked me up - paddle faster indeed. Too funny.

  2. Ha. I hear the dueling banjos from across the hollow now . . .