Friday, June 19, 2015

On And Off And Off And On

 I have an oil change appointment for my SUV today and also need to pick up a few groceries while I am in town.

 Things are once again wet outside, following a rainstorm around midnight.

 I know what time it was because Little Miss Izzy awakens at even the mention of thunder, begins wandering around the house and then comes and pokes at any part of my body that may be near the edge of the bed to let me know there is a storm.
"I know there is, Izzy.  No nose poking is necessary".

 No, we did not purchase a thunder coat/vest/t-shirt for her since she would have to wear it around the clock this time of year, 24/7, 365, considering that thunderstorms come daily, at any given moment, and what a pain that would be for all of us.
No, we have no plans to buy one.
Yes, your dog has one and it works perfectly.
No..... we are not getting one.
No, she's not overly nervous, just paces a bit until the thunder passes.
No, we will not be medicating her.
Not seeking advice here.

 Just wearing their cooler clothing for their morning walk is enough
for them to deal with.
I mean.... dressing and undressing them two to three times a day?

Cooler coat on.
Cooler coat off.
Neck cooler on.
Neck cooler off.
Thunder shirt on.
Thunder shirt off.
Neck cooler on again..
Ooops, time to take it off.
I hear thunder.. put that damn shirt back on.

Talk about High Maintenance Dogs!

They'll just be staying indoors a bit more now that temperatures are in the 90's which over-heats them, and daily thunderstorms arrive out of nowhere.

I'm tempted to add some alcohol to my smoothie!


  1. Alcohol in the smoothie sounds good to me! (We made thunderstorms into special playtime to help Emma get through her fear of them. It worked for her. Winnie is afraid of storms, too, and we just let her deal with it in her own way. No pampering or special treatment for her, since it wouldn't work anyway.)

  2. I'd definitely put some alcohol in that smoothie ;)

    I had a lab (Fluffy) that was scared to death of storms. We tried everything, but nothing ever worked.

    Loved your blog lie post.... Cracked me up!


  3. A vodka smoothie sounds very good . . .