Friday, June 19, 2015

My Keeper

 There... he went and did it again.
He bought rhubarb and said we needed to make pie.

 But this time he used about half as much sugar as the recipe called for, because he likes things TART.
I'm a sweet girl, and since I have backed off of carbs A LOT, this will be his pie.

Rowdy liked the smell of it and hung around the kitchen when the pie came out of the oven.
 I liked the smell too.
My husband made homemade dough for the crust instead of store bought this time.
I had a small slice... WAY too tart for me. WAY!
I know he will enjoy eating this rhubarb pie.

And then he got busy on a kitchen project.
The man definitely needs nourishment with all that he does around here.
Keeper for sure!

1 comment :

  1. Rhubarb freaks me out. Maybe because it's too healthy for a pie? Or most likely because it looks like red celery. I know... I'm weird LOL