Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Broccoli Weirdo

 Here's the smoothie I had for breakfast today, and if you're not a smoothie lover than you may wish to simply click to another blog today because smoothies are the subject.

I'm calling this one
  Spicy Carrot Smoothie

2 carrots (skinny carrots, not fat ones LOL)
1/4 apple
1/4 pear
1 tsp of protein powder
Tb of  ground flax seed (This gives texture and also lowers cholesterol)
1/4 thumb of fresh ginger (that's how I measure it)
2 shakes of ground cinnamon.
1 shake of Allspice
1 Cup water

I clean the carrots but I suppose you could leave the skin on,
and I DO leave the skin on the apple and pear.

*oh, come on Betty... just try a little*

Betty is a brat!

Now, vegetable smoothies are not for everyone, no matter their ailments, diseases, or reasons that some websites devoted explicitly to smoothies tell you.
Some people simply don't like them, and there are some that I don't care for either, hence the experimentation with getting a few recipes that I do enjoy so that I can eat Whole Foods.
This is only ONE METHOD of taking in foods the whole food way, natural and unprocessed, and something you can take with you on your morning drive to work.  I mean, who wants to drive down the road with a stalk of broccoli in your hand???  
Okay, so you do.  

This is a carrot smoothie, but with the cinnamon and the allspice it hinted of a pumpkin pie flavor.
I used to drink coffee every morning, which I stopped a week and a half ago.  The caffeine was exacerbating the irregular heartbeats (PVCs) I was experiencing.  With my morning coffee I was having a creamer with a pumpkin flavor and I have been missing that particular flavor each morning, so this smoothie gives me that.

At some point I will make a blog page devoted to just my smoothie recipes, so if you're into this way of getting a good portion of your whole foods into your diet, then you can visit there.
In the meantime, my smoothie experimentation lab goes on.



  1. I am seriously wondering if all that coffee I HAVE to have in the mornings is causing some of my heart palpitations! Thanks for the heads up, Di. Too late today..but it sure sounds logical.

  2. Good for you for taking charge of your health.

  3. You are getting very creative and the smoothies are looking tasty!