Thursday, June 4, 2015

Kitchen Countertop Real Estate

 I've had this frame on my kitchen counter a few months now; bright, cheery yellow,
'Hello Sunshine" words greet me every morning as I step into the kitchen for coffee.

 Let me tell you why I bought it and why I love it.

 I wanted to be able to display a photo on my counter, but I didn't want to lose a lot of valuable counter space, which to me is a kind of real estate so to speak.

 You can NEVER have enough counter real estate space as far as we are concerned, and losing any of it was not an option.
You can see that the backsplash is tile, so I couldn't hang any art or framed photos on the back wall.

You can see that the frame is tall.  A little over 15 inches tall, but it fits beneath the upper cabinets with space to spare, and it leans nearly flat against the backsplash, so in that respect it is not taking up countertop space.

This frame is from Pier One, they still have them in store as well as online, so if 'Hello Sunshine' makes you smile in the morning, go get yourself one!
It's just one more way of making our sometimes too dark home a bit brighter.

*This post is not sponsored by Pier One, nor have they paid me to mention their store or product.*


  1. Very cute! I need all the space I can get, myself. You've seen my kitchen! LOL

    Have a great weekend :)


  2. Hi Di! My dad used to say that to me every morning of my life. Love it!

  3. i love the pops of color. fun kitchen. my Mom always drools over all my counter space. she has a small kitchen - we have a huge one. come on over & we can cook together. hey, why not dance in the kitchen. i do it all the time. i found ya again ... happy for that. i've missed ya. take care & don't float away. so rainy here. ( :