Saturday, June 6, 2015

An iMac For A Macbook

This is my Macbook Pro which I have had for a few years.
It runs like new, but the thing is....
I NEVER use it anymore.

After retiring from the corporate world two years ago my husband started his own business,
DLH Consulting, LLC.
He has only a few clients and that's plenty to keep him busy between mowing the lawn, digging trenches for drainage pipes, tree trimming, lawn mower fixing, baking cookies, and trips to Lowes for guy stuff.

In a few instances, especially when travel has been involved, he has taken my 13" like new Macbook Pro with him.
Today he sauntered into my office and asked if I would mind if he sells it and then purchases a new 15" for business use.  
Umm. well, considering I don't use it, and that now my iPad has pretty much replaced it when I am away from my desk and in the family room, I really had no excuse or reason to say no to him.

and besides.... he hinted that my iMac, which is now running slower than I like, can be traded in for a new one.  He always knows how to grease my palm.
Wooo Hoooo!!!
I smell a new iMac in the breeze!!

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