Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fresh Air

Recently I commented on a blog that I had purchased a couple of pothos plants for our home.
A pothos, and a golden pothos,
The golden pothos being variegated of course.

The pothos, along with an aloe plant in the house, may very well be the only kind of potted houseplants that I can grow successfully,

Neither seems to need a high sunlight situation, although the aloe is sitting near a southern exposure window and is thriving.

If you want a little fresh oxygen in your home, plants can give you that, as well as add a livliness to what can be an otherwise lifeless home.  I don't see a lot of plants in the homes of decor bloggers for some reason.
I'm not sure why that is, other than they don't want, or don't think, that they can care for a plant successfully....

Try a pothos or an aloe, or perhaps some succulents and I think you'll be pleased and realize that your thumb may be greener than you think.  Leave the more exotic plants in the store and adopt a pothos or an aloe.

 Also, buy a clear or colored round saucer to go under the plant pot to catch the water that may otherwise destroy the table top you set your plant on.


  1. I just counted my house plants - I have twelve in my little house. As you can see, I'm a plant lover.

  2. I have a few plants up where Max can't get at them..The greenery gives me a lift..

  3. Green plants inside certainly give a sense of life . . . outside too!