Sunday, June 7, 2015


I've been having some health issues very recently and have been told by my doctor, along with other recommendations, to
And so I am, but it has me thinking about how important it is that we all take an active role in using what we have in a conservative way so that humans, who need a lot of water each day in order to survive, will have it.

Our bodies, the adult human body, is 50-65% water, so without drinking water we are doomed.

*rain on our wedding day in 2007*

It rained the day we married and you can see the wet streaks on my dress as we stood outside for the photos.
I didn't care.... I was in love with the man and welcomed the rain,
It may have spoiled my hair, but definitely not the mood.

*Rowdy as a wonderdog pup and his mentor, Handsome*

The sweet animals of the earth will disappear without water.
Gardens won't grow.
Trees will no longer thrive and sway in the breeze, the lovely rustle of their leaves gone forever.
But, no one would be around to hear the rustle either, so what does it matter?

What if the rain no longer falls, and what does, only to be used by corporations who would hope to make a profit by selling it to the rest of us,
those of us who need it to survive on a daily basis,
those of us who need it to maintain that 50-65% of our biological makeup.

We'll all go in search of it, begging on hands and knees for the golden drops from the sky,
but as for right now, I am drinking in my share giving healing life to my body that so very much needs it right now,

Use it wisely, please.

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