Friday, June 12, 2015


This is my list of 'lies bloggers tell', and I may or may not have used one (or two) of them at some time.


1.  The dog ate my post yesterday.

2.  Oh, gosh... I've just been sooooo busy.

3.  I had this ugly flu for a week.

4.  I forgot (um, ya... for two weeks you forgot???)

5.  The baby has had diahreah.... for a month?? Dead baby much??

6.  I needed to spend time with my family... for six months???  They must be needy.

7.  I was re-decorating our new house.... Every day for a year??

8.  I started working part-time but now decided it was too stressful. *cough cough*  What?  Can't deal with people?

9.  I guess I just forgot... ya, well we forgot about you too, you unfaithful blogger.

10.  I'm thinking about giving up my blog... well then, just quit already for heaven sakes.

11.  My spring cleaning took priority. Umm, we all know that bloggers never clean their house.
 The dust is so thick they could use finger to write a blog post in it.

12.  I'm just burned out on blogging and don't want to do it anymore... now THERE'S an honest blogger!! 

Have any that you have heard recently or over and over again?

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