Friday, May 29, 2015

Your Life In Writing

I read about a lady today who has journaled every day since high school.  She is now about to turn 50 years old.  Says she has not missed one day of journaling in at least 30 years.  I find that amazing! It's not a habit I was ever into.
I do recall having one of those lock and key diaries as a young teen, and some years ago I found it and read my very random entries.  I didn't seem very committed to writing every day, or every week, and you can imagine how silly the writings of a 13 or 14 year old girl are/were.  Just nonsense about boys and being upset with my mother, getting my period, etc.  Typical teen drama.

I've been blogging now since 2008 and that in itself is journaling since I post daily.  I deleted my last blog/blogs, so those years are gone as far as being written down. The photos on my computer tell a pretty complete story though, so hopefully it never crashes and loses it all for me. 

Do you journal, if so why, and if not do you wish you had or is it simply not important to you to be able to look back and see your life all written down?


  1. I'm sure you're not surprised to hear I keep a journal. I have for as long as I can remember, but not consistently, every day. It comes in starts and fits. And sometimes it is in more than one spot at a time. I consider my blog a kind of journal, too, and I actually print mine out every 6 months using so that I have a hard copy. So far it takes up a foot of space on a book shelf.

  2. Oh I did the diary thingy as a teenager . . . not sure where those locked treasures vanished . . .
    I kept several "scrap books" though, (at least that is what we called them back in the day!)
    I still have mine from high school days . . . they have been great fun to take along to class reunions!
    I journaled consistently when my husband Gary died suddenly at a very young age . . . Journaling saved my life during that time. I keep those three journal books in a treasured place . . . writing kept me sane when I needed to talk . . .
    I see my Irish Garden House and photographs as another form of "journal making."
    I am a note and card person . . . saver of quotes and messages . . . I guess it has become sort of an iPad journal in my NOTES.
    Interesting to think about this . . .