Friday, May 29, 2015

Elbow Room Only Kitchen?

Yes, we have a good sized kitchen that works well for us, but don't think I haven't lived with much smaller kitchens in my dark, checkered past.  
I've had to make do with a tiny kitchen or two in the past as well.

Over just the past few years there has been a large movement and much attention give on the internet, to tiny homes, their designs and how people live in them.  A tiny kitchen is a must in a teeny tiny house because there also needs to be living space, a sleeping space, and a bathroom designed into it to make it liveable and as comfortable as possible.

Large cities with nearly unaffordable rent rates to the common person, has driven many people into tiny space living as well.  I could live that way were I a single person, but not my husband.  We would kill one another with sharp kitchen knives every day trying to manage sharing the cooking space in a workable way.

I subscribe to thekitchn blog/website... and no, I did not misspell kitchn.
Today the subject is
10 Genius Tips For Cooking In A Tiny Kitchen
which has some great tips for not only a tiny kitchen, but also good advice to use if you have a large kitchen.

If you live in a tiny house, or even a somewhat smallish house with a kitchen that doesn't afford you the luxury of perhaps all of the elbow room you would like, then these tips may just work for you.

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  1. I have a girlfriend who is currently living in 850 sq ft and they are getting ready to go TINY!
    I can see the importance of getting rid of STUFF and possibly downsizing, BUT we have pretty much decided to be content in our current 2200 living solace.
    Nice kitchen Di . . .