Friday, May 29, 2015

The Beast That Lives At Wal-Mart

 Thursdays I try to designate as grocery buying day, and if I stray from that day it tends to make my husband nervous.  My take is that perhaps at one time in life he did not have a pantry filled and perhaps he was worrisome at one point as a child that they would not be eating that day.  I really don't know, but 'nuf about him and his quirks.

Thursday I did indeed go grocery shopping and as is the norm, I stopped at Wal-Mart for our dry goods first before moving on down the road to Kroger for the purchase of our fresh foods.
*why can't Wal-Mart just have decent fresh foods?*

When I was checking out I noticed the man ahead of me and that Wal-Mart now has a new card reader machine.
You have to insert your bank card or credit card, whichever you choose to use, in a specific way.
The newest cards now have a chip in them and this machine reads the chip, so it is supposed to make it more difficult for hackers to snag your card information from Wal-Mart's system.

Remember when Target got hacked last year?
Well, this new technology is supposed to fix that and never ever evah let it happen again,
Until of course the hackers figure it all out, which they probably already have.
They may be mean, greedy, sneaky internet hackers, but dumb they are not.
 Now, as I was standing there the gal started ringing up my purchases and when done she walked around to my side of the counter to assist me, showing me the correct way to insert my card into the reader so it could do it's 'read the chip' properly.
Then she stepped back to her side of the check-out and began to tell me, as well as the lady behind me in line, the evils of this machine and how it is the sign of the Beast and that the next step, according to the Bible, is that we will all have chips inserted into our arms.  If we don't accept having the chip inserted into us, then we, nor or family members will have access to buying food or receiving medical care.
Damned if ya do and damned if ya don't.

AND, anyone who accepts this chip in their body has now received the mark of the Beast and will not be saved.
Because the Bible says so, and she quoted the verse.


Good thing I had my sunglasses on so she could not see the HUGE eye roll I was giving her.

I considered going to the Wal-Mart management and complaining, but I don't want to see her out of a job simply because she is a religious fanatic.
Wal-Mart most likely doesn't care what she preaches anyway, as long as she is scanning her quota of items for the day all is good with them.

Anyway, I paid the Wal-Mart Beast, loaded the cooler with my refrigeratable (sp) items and headed for home,
the peaceful, safety of our non-religious home, and when I arrived there I prayed to the mountains and the trees surrounding it and thanked them for giving us safe harbor from all the wierdos in this world.


  1. Oh my goodness . . . laughing out loud , or LOL as most would text.
    The first time I saw LOL, I thought it meant Lots of Love . . .
    Yup . . . naive I can be!
    I am happy you had your sunglasses on too . . . really she said that was in the Bible . . .
    Oh dear . . . I am so thankful I am not in the grip of that kind of fear and bizarre "ism!"
    Oh my my my . . .

  2. OMG! I had to call Howard in to read this to him. You do know he was a minister...a Baptist minister at one time of his life and finally walked away because of just such stuff as this. Sounds like Jahovah Witness preachings to me. Still laughing here!

  3. P.S. Correction! Make that "because of just such CRAPPOLA!!"

  4. That's a good one. It is in the Bible, the mark of the beast. But preaching it at Walmart is a little over the top. I'd have had to have said something back, I think. Maybe a Wiccan prayer. ;-)

  5. I'm surprised that Walmart doesn't charge an entertainment tax.