Monday, May 25, 2015

Skittle Living

Friend and commenter, Lin, on my previous post, makes a great point about color in the home.
She said, "People often times have a hard time with color in the home..period, so they leave it white",
and how correct she is!  
The above is a photo of my family room when we lived in Arizona.
EVERYONE in Arizona seems to have either a shade of white or a shade of tan on their walls.
Sofas are tan, tile floors are generally a shade of brown or tan, and most of the decorative items around the home are tan.
I am not sure I could ever go back to that.

The earth is tan, the sandstorms are brown, homes are a dark or light shade of tan stucco.

 Prior to living in this particular home in Tempe, Arizona, we lived in Maryland, and I recall when we first moved there that I was appalled by all of the color people had on their walls.  Each room would be a different color.
Now, when we moved back to Arizona, the above color of tan in this alcove was pretty darn daring for me, but I loved it.

 The master bathroom was a shade of tan that had a tad of yellow in it. AND when you look through that doorway to the master bedroom,  you will see that it was a shade of brown.

 The guest bathroom on the other end of the house was beige, which is really just another shade of white
and both guest bedrooms were also a shade of white.

 I did get a bit crazy with the kitchen and did red walls.
I'll never go this dark on my walls again, but the room was large and had a great deal of sunshine coming in through the windows, so the room could handle the red.

The same can be said for colored furniture I suppose, and an entire house of painted furniture might look like the inside of a package of Skittles.
  A little color can go a long way.

The same can be said for your upholstered furniture. I recall a friend who when she saw a photo of this chair was shocked that I had a RED chair in my house.  Ummmm, I had to explain that the chair was not red, but rather burgundy. She didn't sound as though she believed me, so when another mutual friend came to visit she concurred that it was indeed burgundy and reported this to the color blind friend.
Even had it been a red chair, I'm not sure what her shock was about.  
Color livens up a home and I think that everyone should use splashes of it here and there around the house.
You can choose to live in a home that surrounds you entirely with browns... all different shades of poo.
you can let go of you fear of color and have fun with it.
I let go of my color fear quite some years ago.
Can you?


  1. Until 7 years ago I lived in rentals so all my light and bright went into furniture and window coverings and art...since owning I live in a banana cream world with lots of light and bright.

  2. I have gone through color changes much like you . . .
    Ready for a new one soon!
    I am very dark in my LR . . . Espresso . . . with one wall leading up the stairway a grape kind of color.
    Surprisingly it looks very nice . . . Going light though next . . .
    I think every room needs some red . . . PUNCH!