Monday, May 25, 2015

Color Correction Notice

 Yesterday's post about this blue painted piece I bought does not do justice to the color.

 It's picking up on my camera's lens as a much brighter blue than what it is for some reason, and I have tried taking more photos to get it right, but.... not happening.

It is really more of a, what I like to refer to as a cadet blue.

This photo taken in this morning's light is actually a bit closer, although still not perfect.
And I got to thinking that, just like a camera's lens, so our eyes see differently and perceive color differently than the way another person sees it.
may be the reason my husband does not care for painted furniture.  I see gray, he sees blue... it's a discussion we have had many times regarding the paint color on our bedroom walls.  I see it as a light, icy cold bluish gray and he sees it only as blue.  He does not see a spectrum or shades of blue as I do...for instance, he would see teal as green.  

And so it is with this blue piece of furniture in my photos... the color presented yesterday is NOT the color I see when viewing this piece in person.

 THIS is the color it appears to me as being in my photos.

THIS is closer to the color I see it as in person.
They are close, but the second color, the way I see it, is a bit more toned down.
Evidently my camera is seeing it in the first version.

 Yesterday's photos did not give a good depiction of the color of the lamp either.

 It's a shade of green or teal or,
whatever your eye sees it as.

So, that's just my take on the color you are seeing vs. the color I am seeing.
AND, why my husband has not said anything at all about the blue piece of furniture that now sits in our home that I am loving to pieces.

 Have a perfect Memorial Day.
At least my camera got the colors of the flag right!


  1. I have trouble with blues and blacks. They kind of look the same to me.

  2. That is a GREAT piece! LOVE it!

    People oftentimes have a hard time with color in the home..period. How many times do you see white or beige walls in every room? People just aren't comfortable working with it and so they resort to boring white/cream.

  3. I just love wood and it's patina..SO....No, I would never paint furniture But, to each his own, especially if it makes you smile..Have a good week..

  4. Love your color update . . . and the old!