Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lemony Scent

 When I chose the lemon branches to fill the vase in my dinette area, they just felt right, and they filled the space perfectly.

 I will always miss the fresh lemons from our tree in Arizona, not only because they tasted so wonderful, but they were also great eye candy in the yard and the lemony scent when I'd slice them was divine!

 I could have chosen grape vines or olive branches as the floral focus in my dinette area, but how can anyone pass up the look of a bright yellow lemon.

 Speaking of bright, the lettuce and radishes in our garden are in full swing right now and making great ingredients in our evening salads.

 Big, round, red, and delicious as well.
I can't tell you how sweet it is to finally have our own garden, even if it did take us eighteen years to get to this point.
It was simply the right circumstances of being retired and living on a property that would afford us what we consider to be a luxury... our own garden.

The growing season.
I am in love with it.
Do you have a garden of any type... even just a small one in pots, or planters?


  1. Ooo - I love lemons!

  2. A Lemon tree would be so wonderful . . .
    A garden . . . YOURS . . . must be a treat . . .
    I have lettuce and herbs tucked into all of my container flowery pots . . .
    Great for my salads . . .