Thursday, May 14, 2015

Photo Overkill

 Having blogged for a number of years with numerous  different blog names, I think I have a right to this opinion, the opinion that when it comes to photos, that too many on any one post may just be overkill.
How many 'git along little doggies' photos does it take on one post to get the idea of a cattle drive across to your readers?
How many photos of sliced and diced veggies is necessary in order to show how to make a fresh garden salad?
How many photos of jimmy john's last baseball game should you need to post before your readers just say... jeeez....whatever?
I for one usually find myself clicking away after three photos on other blogs.

The number of photos you post really has no rule.
You can post 100, but your readers may just find that a bit ridiculous.
Yes, two or three photos to describe any one salad or other life event for that matter would seem enough.

IF I ever post too many, please just click away.
I certainly don't want to annoy anyone.


  1. Ah, the joys of a digital camera..Have a fun weekend..

  2. I might be a "photo junky!"