Friday, May 15, 2015

You Really Need To Start Swinging

 Father's Day is NOT all that far away, in fact it will sneak up on you if you are not careful, and then you won't have a gift for Dad, Grandpa, Son, or whatever guy is on your list.
It's on June 21st this year.

 This is my husband's face two years ago when I gave him a hammock stand for Father's Day.  He really was not expecting it at all, and the guy does not smile easily I might add.
That's him in the blue shirt *smirk*, with Rowdy in his furry brown and white suit.

We had the same hammock at our previous home hung between two trees, but since our current property did not allow for a tree hanging hammock, the stand was a 'must have' surprise.
If your guy is a hard working, A-type man, who does not take enough time for himself, then a hammock may just be what he needs as a way to wind down on a spring, summer, or autumn day, out in the great outdoors.

*always check the allowable weight when making your purchase*


  1. You shoul especially check the weight if you plan on joining the man in the hammock!

  2. Cute post . . . nice "blue shirt smile!"