Friday, May 1, 2015

Moving On Due To Mother Nature

 Please forgive the poor quality of these photos, but I wanted to show you the damage this past winter did to the once gorgeous azalea bush off our front porch.

 The past two winters have given us extreme cold temperatures and heavy snows that lasted for too long a period of time and this bush is gasping it's last breath I am afraid.

 Blossoms are plentiful on the bush, but much of the bush has simply been damaged to a point that we will most likely be taking it out and planting a new one.

 Sometimes you just have to let things go and move on to the new.

But it still saddens me when a mature plant is taken from us by Mother Nature.
It takes a few years to raise up a new one.


  1. Maybe you should try pruning it a bit and give it one more year. They are hard to grow. I had some lovely ones in the front yard that my husband insisted on moving, but they did not survive the transplant. Good luck!

  2. Pruning might help, as the person said above. Looks like the middle is dead . . ., might mean it needs to be split into two bushes???