Friday, May 1, 2015

Oh Happy Day Trellis

 This is the face of a totally 'sillified' and happy woman!
Guess what my perfectionist 'Mr. Project' husband did now?

A year and a half ago we added the open deck to the back of our home,

 and the area under the steps had been left open which was the way we had asked for it to be built,

 but last year we began adding greenery to the area, the first being my mock orange bush.

 If it stays healthy and a cold winter does not stab, maim, thrash, kill and MURDER it,

 then it could, over the next few years, fill this entire trellis area and I would not be at all upset about that one iota.

 My husband offered to trellis in the entire area beneath the stairs but for now I want it left open.
I am not sure I want to create a hiding place for any unwanted wild critters....
I am so pleased, as is my husband. with this and the way his completed project looks.
Oh happy day!

1 comment :

  1. Hubby did a great job . . .
    A Clematis would be beautiful against that trellis . . .