Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Flies

 Our last bit of rain was on May 21st, and although it wetted things nicely in the yard,

 it has since become dry out there with crispy patches of grass and the need for soaker hoses in the garden.

 Here's a dry day, although it does not show the extent of our crispy lawn.
It does however show the tattered doggie rope toys which are a common sight on our front porch.
Izzy's favorite.

 The deer flies have been tearing us up.

Rowdy loves to nap in the crispy grass but the deer flies won't leave his darling head alone.

I'm not sure who they are more bothersome to, the pup or the husband; both shake their head about trying to keep them away to no avail.

Hail summertime.

1 comment :

  1. Those deer flies are AWFUL . . . I have been bitten . . . huge OUCH!