Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Five Things

There is a blogger that does a list of a few things they she doesn't understand. 
It's not done in a negative way though, so don't get your tutu all blowing up in her face or my face and over your head only to  make you look all laugh worthy.

I would imagine that we have our likes and dislikes, things that rub us the wrong way or simply confound our sense of reasoning.  Oh, you don't?  Well shut the front door, aren't you the perfect soul!

  I am going to start off with a few of my dislikes, and keep in mind that this is not aimed at you or any specific blogger, it's just my list,
 so your 'shaking your finger at me' comments are just unnecessary because I have every right to not like some things in life.

Here goes.

1.  Lace in home decor.  It's so old fashioned and lace smells funny.
2.   Sheer window curtains.  First... they smell funny too.  I used them when I was broke and had no money, way back in my   20's, but I could always smell them.  And, what's the point of a curtain that people can see through?  Why hang them?
3.  Dusting the house.  Last week I dusted and two hours later the bedroom dresser was dusty again to the point that I could 
     take my hand and wipe dust off of it again.  What's the point if there is so much dust in the air taking it's place on your
     dressers and table tops that you could plant a row of corn in it every couple of hours?
4.  Blogs that ALWAYS say pretty things.  Life is simply not like that.  It has wrinkles in it at times.  Sometimes it too smells  funny.
5.  Trying to get this list to left justify.  There's just no justifying some things, so I centered it.


  1. I too get frustrated (is that polite enough?) with people who are always happy, happy in public. All positivity and cheerfulness (excuse me while I gag). And I too hate dusting - I do it with my swiffer duster - easy access to the molding near the floors (I hate dust on them) but somethings just have to be done (over and over...). I've had lace curtains, never noticed they smelled. I was surprised that I liked them - I'm not a lace person. And I do have sheer curtains on my windows, which don't smell, two rooms have voile and the huge windows in the living/dining room, well hard to describe the fabric. They let the light in but you can't really see anything from outside. I'm all about letting the light in.

    I'm not a 'decorator' type of person. My husband and I prefer a spare environment but I have always admired folks, like yourself, who decorate and kinda have a theme to their home decor. People forget that that you can admire something without actually wanting it for yourself.

  2. What a hoot . . . I can't understand sheers or lace curtains either . . . I agree with " the snell!" Smells like DUST to me.

  3. Few more thoughts . . . I like open windows. No curtains, blinds, shades, sheers, drapes, valences . . . I like seeing out . . .
    Having said that, I close our Roman Shades in the bedroom at night AND if the temperature is zero or below, I do close the blinds. So I do ave some window coverings but usually never use them. All tucked away up there in a soffit or something.

  4. I find that people don't like to show their wrinkles . . . I like it when they do . . . Makes them REAL!
    I think it is pretty strange to see an old woman or man who has no wrinkles! That is another subject!