Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Wabbit Post


 There's not a whole lotta anything going on here this week.
The house is somewhat decorated for springtime with my bunny cake plate on the kitchen table doing a few weight lifts or calisthentics.  Do they still do those in school?  Looking at children these days, well... that kind of tells the story, doesn't it?
Go Bunny GO!

 The bunny cake plate as well as the eggs and the grass are of course from Pier One.

 It's getting late to be ordering anything 'bunny' for Easter, but I thought this bunny dish was quite cute as well.

Hope you're ready for the day!

Oh, and don't forget to try something new with your egg dying.....these look TOTALLY DA BOMB
as far as Easter Egg colors.

Have a special Easter Week-end!


  1. My Easter decorations usually consist of sitting a package of Peeps on the kitchen counter and trying not to eat the whole thing at one time.

    1. LOL - This year I skipped even peeps...

  2. I like that bunny plate . . . looks like he is ready to celebrate!