Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Glow Of The Season

There's a glow to this world once springtime is here, and the forsythia, although scraggly looking, best shows that glow.

Now, you would think that Easter and all of it's good news for those of the Christian faith would bring a glow as well, but it would seem that the governor of Indiana has chosen to cast some cloudiness over them and give believers a bad name.

I won't even begin to quote the Bible as to why the new law he passed is so very wrong, because I have always found the book to be so, so.... well, it's just so contradictory of itself.
To speak of loving all men, treating others with respect, kindness, being forgiving, not judging others, and on and on, and then a book, chapter or verse later, speaking of casting them out or stoning them, killing them, etc.  Well, as I said, it is a very contradictory book that obviously some of our nation's governors and lawmakers are using for their own purposes to pass laws that exclude and berate certain groups of people into the ground.

I have to wonder just how many 'Christians' who sit and eat their Easter ham and deviled eggs this week-end really agree with these hateful laws.

Just so you know,
we still don't eat at Chick Fil A
nor will would we shop at a Hobby Lobby if there were one in our area,
and any company that supports these laws and actually uses them to deny a customer a purchase or services
will never EVER receive a dollar of our money.

Shop wisely, people.

Buy from companies who truly GLOW, and not those that cast clouds over any one group of people.

We choose to glow, as do the following companies who have spoken out against Indiana's new law:

Delta Faucets
Gen Con
Angie's List
Eli Lilly and Co.
Eskenazi Health
City of San Francisco
City of Seattle
Dow AgroSciences
Emmis Communications
Indiana University Health
Roche Diagnostics
Indiana Pacers
Indiana Fever

People who have chosen to glow and spoken out against the hate law:

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York
Comedian Nick Offerman
Pat Haden, USC Athletic Director
Actress Audra McDonald
Ashton Kutcher
Ellen DeGeneres
Miley Cyrus
Debra Messing
Harvey Fierstein
Larry King
Bette Midler
Jay Inslee Governor of Washington state
Hillary Clinton
Montel Williams
Warren Buffet

Companies or groups that have cancelled scheduled conferences in Indiana:

Wilco - cancelled concert
Disciples of Christ Church (headquartered in Indiana)
These list of names and companies continue to grow.

Please place the photo below on your blog if you are against all Hate Laws.

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  1. Nice post. I agree, the Bible is a very contradictory book. That is why it is so easy for people to cherry-pick what they want to out of it, and for some reason a lot of folks choose to pick the mean things and not the good things. I find it very odd.