Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tip Toe Humor

Springtime Footware?

In 2007 when we moved to Virginia I purchased snow boots, but by the fall of 2014, as I was checking them over for wear and tear, I noticed that they were coming apart and a new pair would be needed this winter, so I threw them away.
Months went by and we received no snow, other than a small storm in November.... and then, the snows of winter never seemed to come again.

February arrived with a vengeance and I let out a small sigh and a HUGE UH-OH.
I had no boots to wear when my husband was away for a few weeks and I needed to shovel the front walkway.
Now, boots, in a size and style you need are difficult to find in stores and online in the month of February and retailers should know this... but they are always moving along to the next season of the year once Christmas is over.

I finally found a pair of boots that would suffice, providing my high instep will let my foot slide into them, and I had hoped by now that I would be trying them on.....but then came another snowstorm in early March, which slowed the UPS delivery of my boots.
They arrived in the area on Friday but too late in the day, so they most likely will not be delivered to our door until Monday.
We are expecting temperatures in the 50's for the next week, and so it goes.... by the time my boots do arrive winter will be dead and gone and I won't have a need for them until next winter.

This must be one of Murphy's Laws.  

If nothing else, perhaps they will look cute as I go tip-toeing through the tulips this spring.

*image from Macys dot com*

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  1. There have been bathing suits front and center in the ladies' department at Target for weeks now. That's skipping forward TWO seasons, and pushing it a bit too much for comfort.

    I love the boots!!