Saturday, March 7, 2015

Things Are Hopping Around Here

*photo taken pre-granite install last year*

Last year I purchased a tall hare in sitting position from Pier 1.  I know... I seem to be making a lot of home decor purchases there, but HEY... I like what they offer.
The sitting hare sits on my bathroom countertop.  

This year Pier 1 has the same hare, although a bit bluer rather than a teal tone.  
But I loved that they also added a reclined position hare so I have ordered him and he will most likely appear in another room of the house this spring.

*image from Pier1 website*

He's got 'tude'!

There were also two more bunny theme purchases today but I'll save them until tomorrow.
All I can say is that bunnies were flying or rather hopping out the Pier1 store doors like gangbusters today so if you are looking to add to your spring bunny collection do NOT hesitate.

Hoppy Shopping!

*Pier1 has not paid me to mention their store or their products*

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  1. I love those hares! I would happily look at him all year long.