Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bench Pressing Bunny

Springtime decor means flowers, baskets of flowers, vases of flowers, pictures of flowers, and for me... it means bunnies!  And that 'tude hare from the last post is simply not enough bunny for this girl, so there are more bunnies in this house than you may like to picture.  Then close your eyes, because I LOVE bunnies and have them in the house year round in some rooms.

Yesterday I showed you the bunny that resides on my bathroom counter year round.... the master bathroom counter.  MY master bathroom counter.  He can have his bottle of Listerine as bathroom decor, I'll keep the bunny.

This post however is not about the current bunnies that live here, but rather the new bunnies added this year.
I showed you one yesterday, but he is on order.
This tiny pair of bunnies known as Clover and Poppy, as named by Pier 1, are sitting on the entryway table.  They are tiny, probably no more than a couple of inches in height, and of course they too are from Pier1.  Sorry.... I LOVE that store!!

 They sit at the far end of the table, and if you aren't looking closely you may just miss them altogether as you pass by.

See them next to the typewriter... shows you just how teensy they truly are.
Their cuteness factor totally won me over!
Oh, and the table runner is also new... from Target.

 Get this!  I still had a red and green one on the table that I used for Christmas, but I had decided that the red would get me through February....
but when I heard that the temps would reach into the 50's today I knew it was time for anything red holiday-ish to find it's way back into a drawer for the year.
I had seen this black and white one at Target's online store so when I was near they today I stopped in the local store to see what it was like in person.
As you can see... it came home with me and works well on my table.

Now.... about the other bunny....

This past year I have been baking quite a few bundt cakes that I place on a regular plate.
I have a large clear domed cake cover and it works well on all of our plates.
But I wanted something for springtime.... soooo... here is my springtime cake holder upper.

That's him... the guy on the left, and he is bench pressing a pretty hefty cake over his head!
I'll be sure to show you how it  works in real life when I bake my next bundt cake.
He's so stinkin cute!!

Okay... that's it for today's bunny story time.

So what's your favorite springtime decor?


  1. That's a cute cake stand! But I'm REALLY checking out the cake. It looks Devine...and lemony. My friend has house bunnies that live inside and are litter box trained, but I imagine your dogs would not be pleased with the new room mates!

  2. Bunnies! But you already knew that :-)