Monday, March 9, 2015

Boot Action

So, my boots arrived today, on our second or third (I forget which) day of temperatures in the 50's.
The UPS man delivered this afternoon as I lay napping in the family room chair to the sound of melting snow from the roof top.  The last of it I might add.

I slipped into the fuzzy, warm pair of Bare Trap boots and stepped out into one of the remaining puddles of snow in the front yard.

 Vor ist dis? questioned the pups.  Ver dit all of de snow go?
Und vy is you vearing boots on a warm, sunny day, mama?

 Well, my fur baby children, let me tell you the story of Mr. Murphy and some of his laws.  One of them is that if you order snow boots when there is 10 inches of snow on the ground, that said snow will ALWAYS be gone by the time the UPS man delivers them.

Yep, said my husband... today is probably the only action your boots are going to see this year.

 And he's probably right... unless we get a late March snowstorm or a surprise bombardment of it in the month of April.

 But, I don't care....
they're cute
and they fit well,
and I'm ready for next year's winter months.

*Happy I now own boots!*


  1. They're really cute! So glad you found a pair to fit. I hope they're comfortable enough for a little walking around town on cold days.

  2. Very pretty snow boots! I never did dig mine out of the closet. We only had 5 inches of snow, so I managed with my short boots. I'm hoping winter is over and we can think about sandals now.