Monday, January 19, 2015

Feeling So Donny

I have!
I have been feeling very 'Donny Osmond' lately, but it's been difficult to find videos of his latest music, two songs of which I purchased.

He has come out with' Baby Love' and 'Could She Be Mine' and although I never purchased his music prior to this, at least not that I can recall, I have fallen in love with his latest CD titled The Soundtrack of My Life.
Check it out on iTunes or Amazon.

Here is a sample video.


  1. DI... what a GREAT feeling to see your little face! :) I drift off from blogging but this time I really considered leaving. Still sort of on the fence..but I'm going to hang in for a bit. I have yet to see if photo's will download. All that money for a really good camera..and then for that to happen. Alll fixed now.
    Donny...:) Always did like both of those kids. They had the nerve to grow up!! LOL I am so pleased you are out there...
    No one looks cuter in a hat than you!!! :)
    Big hugs..

  2. Ah yes...he's still got it! Wouldn't you like to have been born with the ability to sing like that?? :)