Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Sciatic Situation

Winter drearies dearies.
January... please just hurry and get it over with or put us all out of our misery and SNOW!
I think it snowed substantially around Thanksgiving, but since then it's been 'meh', and this brown is killing our attitudes.

The sun is shining today... a rarity, as most days are as grey or grey-er than in the above shot.
I really don't mind winter as long as it brings perfect white snowfalls followed by incredible blue skies, but this winter is the bleakest we have had in quite a few winters.
This week it hasn't helped that I am suffering through and nursing my sciatic nerve, it started in December while my husband was away, and I thought I had it kicked, but it has returned with a vengeance, so I haven't moved a great deal from this scene.

 My faithful sidekick, Mr. Rowdy, stays nearby, unless of course my husband passes by the front door on the way to his recliner, and then he's up and hoping that the front door will be opened for him to go outside and play.
It's okay.... I can suffer alone, Rowdy.

And here I am ALONE.... Suffering.... 
but dammit!  Sciatica hurts like a big dog and then some!

 So, I've been soaking in the jet tub at least once per day.

 Rowdy is not a lot of help here either....
although he loves being next to the tub as it fills and getting a lap or two of water.
Oh, not to worry.... I'll be okay in time.
Lots of Bayer aspirin is doing the job, along with those thermal heat wraps for the back and not making any fast moves as I alight from my chair.

Things could be worse I suppose....
but it would be nicer to have this happen when it's warm and sunny outdoors so I could sit and suffer on the deck in the sunshine with a pillow under my ass in an Adirondack chair, with a glass of lemonade, or better yet, an alcoholic drink with a pretty umbrella in it.


  1. So sorry your back is hurting. All my arthritic joints have been acting up for the last month. I blame it on the lousy weather, not the fact that I'm getting older :-) Hope the heat and aspirin have you feeling better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I have a yoga position which cures it almost immediately!

  3. Sciatica is no fun. Had it two years ago and still have an occasional problem with the piraformis muscle. Hope you're soon on the mend.