Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Look To Keep You Warm

Although we have no snow on the ground, trust me.... winter ain't leaving anytime soon if these temperatures have anything to say about it.
Warm pieces can still be found, if not in your local department stores, then check online... Google what it is you want.
I had been eye-balling the faux fur infinity scarves for a couple of months and finally bit the bullet and purchased one and WOW, am I glad I made this purchase since it totally keeps the wind and any cold air off my neck.
Plus, I find it to be a pretty neat fashion statement and the faux fur just feels luxuriously soft under my chin.

You can wind it around twice or simply wear it in a long look draped from your neck and down onto your chest.
I have worn mine both ways.

Mine was purchased at The Loft, but was the last one they had in our local store... but at least it was marked down a few dollars.  I have seen these online from the $25-$500 range, so it's a case of 'pick your price'.  
Just how badly to you want to break the bank?

Go to Google or any of the search engines and type in faux fur infinity scarf and numerous selections will pop up.
Let me know if you get one!  
I'll try to post more photos of mine soon.


Have fun shopping all you cold weather gals!


  1. Makes me feel Warner just looking at your photo. Love that Hat Look too!