Sunday, December 21, 2014


 Our girl elf.... I mean MY girl elf, finally came home.
I say MY, because my husband refuses to claim her as being a part of this family.

  I gave her a HUGE time-out by making her sit in the chair all night on the front porch out in the thirty something degree weather.
At least she had the sense to keep her hat and gloves on so she didn't freeze to death.

 I don't think the time out did much to help straighten out her attitude because today she is climbing all over my pumpkin.
Yes, pumpkins do have a life after autumn is over.
If they are not rotten I keep them around.

speaking of rotten though.....

 She's also decided that the Bradford Pear trees are a great place to hang around.

I simply don't know what to do about this little elf.
The more I attempt to make her pay for her mistakes, the more she misbehaves.


I do not recommend purchasing an elf on the shelf....
trust me,
nothing but troubles all through the holidays,
and to think I spent all that extra money for that pretty skirt for her.
I get no appreciation or respect at all.

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  1. Hey Elf Girl . . . thanks for the entertainment!