Saturday, December 20, 2014

Crash The Girl Elf

 For the love of....
the little elf girl who today is being called CRASH, escaped the house and has been seen locally tearing up the countryside and doing all kinds of havoc!

 Sitting backwards while driving is unacceptable and she has probably wrecked my Pathfinder by now!

 She has been spotted on country roads sitting on the steering wheel.

 She is such a little smartie and had I known this prior to bringing her to live in our home I NEVER EVER would have brought her to our quiet home and peaceful neighborhood.
The neighbors must be simply livid!

 She was seen speeding on curvy roads, nearly ending up in the ditch,

 and she took out a tree and then backed up almost hitting the county Sheriff's car!

 He went after her but it was a high speed chase, and he was afraid he may hit a reindeer or sleigh this time of the year, so he had to let her go and will send someone to the house to arrest her if she ever returns.
You can be certain that I will let him know if she comes here and
will be happy to see her led away in handcuffs.

 She was seen going past the golf course at high speeds, waving and woo hooing at all of the golfers...
I am  soooo embarassed!!

Why someone didn't just throw a five iron or a wood at her to stop her is beyond me!
Crazy little @#R&%#$!!

Then she had the audacity to email me this movie!!
My SUV... My SUV!!  It's probably wrecked and in Mexico by now!!


  1. I think her name is "Mischief." Missy for short. She seems to find all sorts of trouble, doesn't she? But I have to admit to giggling a bit at her shenanigans.

  2. Missy is a good name for her.

    I'll bet you will be more careful about where you leave your car key from now on.

  3. Is she underage? Because then I think you will liable for the damage.