Friday, December 26, 2014

Nineteen Days

 It was a brisk, no... I mean COLD morning with a temperature around 29 degrees as I stepped outside with the pups.  As the day wore on it was in the 50's and going to the grocery store without wearing a coat was wonderful!  It's one of the simple pleasures I used to enjoy when we lived in the Southwestern U.S...... never having to don a coat; they somehow always manage to feel bunglesome when in the store.  Either you are hot while shopping in it, or you take it off and lug it around with you.  A simple annoyance, but all the same.... an annoyance.

 A few of you may already know that my husband has been away from home most of this month and will be returning Saturday morning.... so all of this morning's contrails held special meaning for me.
His contrail will be up there somewhere tomorrow and I can't wait to have him home.
The house is far too quiet without him banging a hammer on some home improvement project.

 This sunset today will be the last one without him under this roof, back where he belongs.
There were years and years that I did fine on my own, and a day here and there alone still works wonders for my soul,
but nineteen days without him pulled me into a dark hole some days.
When you have that special person in your life,  after years together the puzzle is simply not complete without them,

and 29 degrees somehow doesn't feel quite as cold when you hear the ring of their warm laughter filling the house.

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  1. I've been wondering about you and about "your guy! "
    Happy tomorrow is his return day . . .
    Enjoy the sweet sound of his voice and laughter once again . . .
    Happy days are here again . . .