Saturday, October 5, 2019

Don't Forget The Baskets!

Fall decor can look just as lovely in a traditional fashion as a not so traditional look.
 I like to give a little twist to my pumpkins, gourds and mums on the back porch by adding a couple of colorful baskts.
 Baskets from our local veggie market (Ikenberrys) come in enough colors to boggle your mind when it comes to making a choice of just one or two.
 I'd love having half a dozen or so, but the prices of these baskets limited me, only because I didn't want them to cut into my decorating budget too deeply.
 I've already used them for transporting baked goods and a bottle of wine to the neighbors' grilled ham dinner a couple of weeks ago, and we have another dinner to attend next week where these gorgeous creations will see a usefulness once again.
 I love their misshapen look, but here's the thing. if you want that 'perfect look' in a basket, all you have to do is dampen them and bend them to the shape that suits you better.

 Put some pretty fall Indian corn it it!
 Set your bright potted yellow mums in it!
 Baskets ALWAYS have multiple uses, so spend the money and get some super nice ones that will last a long time.

 And if you are wondering where all of my pretty seasonal pillows are that I usually have on the porch, well, it's sort of a damp day, ready to rain any minute, so they are stacked inside the door on the table.  LOL  They will be coming back to their home on the porch as soon as the sun shines.  We eat at the kitchen island, so their temporary place on the table is not an issue.
Happy fall, ya'll.  Now go get creative with your baskets!

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