Tuesday, December 5, 2017


 Yesterday's post was about a quilted vest I purchased, and I mentioned that I had also gotten a pink quilted vest.
First let me say that these are not made for winter outdoor weather.  These are indoor weight with no extra insulation, almost an accessory clothing item to be worn indoors.

 The outdoor weight quilted vests sometimes have hoods, are of a longer length, and filled with down or a polyester filling.
 Expect to pay quite a bit more for outdoor vests.

 I wore pink a lot back in the 90's, but I fell away from that habit when someone I cared about made a comment about it. These days I am much older and more in tune with myself and who I am AND don't allow others to influence my fashion choices.  
I even bought a pink hat a couple of months ago.

pink vest at Steinmart,
pink hat at Wal-Mart,
white sweater at Penelope's.
It's a lazy day, so I'm wearing my cozy Cuddledud pants,
gold hoop earrings that I've had for many years,
and MAC lipstick in the Liptensity formula in the color Eros.

Merry Christmas!


  1. You Go Girl . . .
    “ZAP your mouth” to whomever made that comment . . .
    Doing our “own thing” is paramount truth . . .
    We have a similar dress style . . , except I am hatless . . .
    I love my light weight vests . . .
    LOVE your pink!

  2. Pink looks good on you. Re you previous post, I think you look super!