Monday, December 4, 2017

Re-Cycling Fashion

 I'm crying on the inside this year because I have gained so much weight, something of course that happens to so many of us as we suffer through our menopausal and post-menopausal years.
It sucks.
Plain and simple.
It just totally sucks to have to lose one figure.

 So, I was determined to still dress in a December holiday fashion, but not spend much money on my
December clothing. I mean... who wants to buy fat figure clothes.
If you have lived with weight issues for a long time and it does not bother you, then more power to you.
Frankly me dear... I detest the look on myself.
 What I've done this year is worn the same black stretchy pants, the same red truck sweater from last year over a black and blue buffalo checked blouse, my same old black leather boots, same leather hat,
and only made one purchase to update the look.
 And that would be a lightweight quilted vest.

 I searched everywhere online and all of the selections that I liked were on sale, but even the sale price brought them to nearly $100.
I headed to Steinmart where the prices are always much lower than the large department store with the big name fashion brands, and I paid a great sale price of about $28.00 for this in a pearly white.
 The vest updates the look just enough to make me feel as though I am not re-cycling the sweater and shirt, and gives it just the right amount of updating to keep me happy.

Vest: Peck and Peck brand on sale right now!

I also purchased this one on sale right now!

Lipstick: All Fired Up in Retro Matte by MAC


  1. I love your sweater! (weight is just a number)

  2. Wrote a long comment . . . went to publish . . . ZAP . . . gone!
    I see the look . . . hat, hair, vest, red truck, boots, style and love it . . .
    Stylin’ Girl . . .
    Great post!