Sunday, September 24, 2017

Velvet Pumpkins and Other Fall Decor

 Decorating our home for any change in the season is always a week or two long process for me.
This year I started out with some of the items you see above, which I had from last year at this time, and I then added to it until my eye said, "hey... that's not so bad looking".
I had purchased the fall stems in the tall green vast last year at Pier One, and considering what I spent on them I simply was NOT going to replace them.  If stems are stored well, like in a LARGE lidded Rubbermaid container, they can certainly be used from year to year imho.
So the mantle was looking a bit bland, but I'll get back to that later.
 Earlier this year I purchase the above candle lamp at Yankee Candle store, and it works well for a summer as well as an autumn decor.  The plate under the candle can be found at Pier One, providing it is not sold out.  It's very pretty with pumpkins on it in nearly pastel colors.  The silk leaves branch is also from Pier One, and I simply wrapped it around the lamp bring more of a fall look to the lamp. 

Since the mantle was looking a bit 'weak', I purchased a three some of Indian corn from the grocery store and lay them in front of my velvet pumpkins which I found at the A.C. Moore arts and crafts store.
I had seen some velvet pumpkins on line for an arm and a leg, but these were marked down 40%, so I purchased four of them.

Here is a better view of the mantle as it is now.... our wedding anniversary was on the 21st, so the fall decor is sharing it's space with them for a few days as we enjoy the cards.

 These are the other two velvet pumpkins I purchased, and they are on the table in the front entryway.
I really would have liked having more of the green and orange ones, but sometimes you take what you can get.

 The cloth, chevron design pumpkin is from last year, possibly from Target.  They were cheap!

 These bright colored sunflowers in orange and red are from Pier One.  I purchase four bunches of four to fill out the large vase.  AND, the sunflower canvas print is also a Pier One purchase.  I am in total LOVE with it and may keep it hanging there two or three seasons of the year.  That wall above the blue cabinet is the wall where I usually change on piece of art to match the current season.  Need something for the upcoming winter, so I'd better start planning for that too!

Now, back to that Yankee Candle lamp arrangement on the kitchen dinette table.  Remember I mentioned that plate under it was glass with sort of pastel colored pumpkins on it?  Well, we wanted to use that plate for a coconut cream layer cake which meant I needed something else to place beneath the candle lamp.

 So..... when I saw this pretty wooden thankful charger I needed it right away!
Another Pier One purchase..
I know this is starting to sound like a Pier One commercial, but when it comes to decorating they many times have just the item I need or envision.  
*I do not work for or receive anything from Pier One for showing their products*

 Thank goodness for the cute fresh gourds at the grocery store which perfectly rounded out my centerpiece.

 This dough bowl filled with large pieces of bowl filler sits at the opposite end of the entryway table.... the velvet pumpkins at the other end.

 The mantle lit up during the evening hours.

 A few photos of the blue cabinet with my sunflower painting, the sunflowers in a vase, a ceramic flying pig (from Walmart), a red candle pillar at yellow candle, and of course what would fall be without a big old healthy turkey (from last year).

That's it for my fall decor this year which may or may not be tweaked in the days ahead.
Hope your autumn is sweet and that your leaves are beginning to turn as ours are.  
They are not yet ready to be photographed, but I'll share with you if and when they are.

Happy FALL!!

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  1. Love your FALL touches . . .
    I need to get busy . . .
    The Sunflower watercolor/acrylic . . . Is wonderful . . .
    I tried making some pumpkins like your velvet ones . . .
    Not the easiest DIY . . .
    LOVE this season . .
    Our heat wave of 90-95 degree week has passed and cooler has moved in . . . yippee!
    I think this might be a "fall putzin day" for me . . .